Iranians in Auschwitz a trip led by UEJF with the confederation of iranian students

Iranians in Auschwitz




Farbod Talaee

Dear UEJF Friends,

I am delighted to write and thank you once again for your lovely hospitality. I and my other Iranian fellows in this trip enjoyed your warm and pleasant company. I believe this historical trip constructed a powerful friendship between us.

I have confidence in main purpose of the trip « which was peace dialogue » between two nations. Trip brought an excellent chance to study history and culture of Jewish community at the time that humanity was a struggle to stay alive and functional.

I am sure for all of us who participated in this program visiting dear Benjamin was the most exciting moment. He as an expensive source of experience to humanity played an essential role. His life story made us more aware about Jewish genocide, and helped to understand a real level of pain that innocent people did experience in that time of history. In my personal view, Benjamin’s life experience is the most valuable reason to believe the significance of life and love today.

I am sure all of us who participated in this program and encountered with such shocking facts would not tolerate with any argument that deny the holocaust.

Responsibility to fight against any propaganda against bitter truths of the holocaust will remain for always and must be implemented in most effective ways.

I would like to raise my personal suggestion once again, and ask you for more supportive action with regards to make a film documentary. This would explain the power of the program and its magical consequences in more understanding way.

We would show to the world friendship and loving moments in the most effective way. We need to do the best to keep Jewish and Iranian « historical, peaceful » relationship strong as ever. I strongly believe at this time of history this is the best way to keep the world safe and secure.

Best regards

Farbod Talaee


Saghar Erica Kasraie

Dear UEJF family,

On behalf of the CIS family, we thank you for sharing with us the painful part of Jewish history. We mourn with you the for the loss of a generation. We have found solidarity despite the false propaganda that is being injected into our generation. We shall stand together in this fight.  Amin, Armaghan , Farbod and I learned a great deal from you that we hope to communicate this with our team, our friends and our families.

We look forward to working along side of you. Please find our press statement attached.

Kind Regards,

Erica Saghar Kasraie
Confederation of Iranian Students (CIS)

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