Iranians in Auschwitz a trip led by UEJF with the confederation of iranian students

Iranians in Auschwitz


Delegates from the Confederation of Iranian StudentsCIS-Logo-150x150






Saghar Erica Kasraie

Saghar Erica Kasraie is an Iranian-American who was born in Iran. She fled with her family to Italy and then to the US right after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. She graduated from Viginia Commonwealth University and is currently a member and the spokesperson. She was broadcast on Fox News, CBN, and Radio Liberté as expert on religious and political Iranian matters.



Armaghan Hooshmand is a Confederation of Iranian Students’ activist. She lives in Germany.




Amin Karimian

Amin Karimian is an eighteen years old student who lives in London. He is a blogger, political activist and a member of the Confederation of Iranian Students.






Farbod Talaee

Farbod Talaee is a British and Iranian international security expert, and also an Iran and Middle-East expert. He graduated from Reading University and wrote many an article in Farsi.




Speakers and artists


Cyrus Atory

Being an artist, a photograph, a movie director and a French actor, Cyrus Atory is born in Teheran. He dubbed the movie character Borat.  He produced in 2007 a documentary candid video about how Iranian youth deals with sexuality and love feelings. He plays the part of a Jewish car seller who’s the victim of racist bullies in a 2010 movie « Notre jour viendra » by Romain Gavras.






Judith Cohen Solal

Judith Cohen Solal is a psychoanalyst and a clinical psychologist. She designed the syllabus of Coexist, a national program which consists in going to schools to undo racism and anti-Semitism. She taught the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict at Jerusalem University.







Arash Derambarsh

Arash Derambarsh was born in an Iranian political refugee family. He is an internet activist, who advocated the development of the electronic book. He was elected as the first president of Facebook. He made his political debut as a political advisor. He is currently the head of the political and public figures department for the Cherche Midi publishing company.






Fréderic Encel

Fréderic Encel is a French essayist and geopolitician. He professor of international relationships at the ESG Management School, and gives lectures on geopolitics at Science Po. He holds a chair at the French Institute of Geopolitics and is part of seminaries at the Institute of National Defense (IHEDN). He is an Arab-Israeli conflict and Zionism expert and he wrote numerous essays on geostrategics, on international relationships (mostly in the Middle-East), on secularism and on equal rights for women. He is currently focusing on collective memory issues.






Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden graduated from the Fine Arts University of Boston. She wrote an autobiographic comic entitled “Understanding Israel within 60 days and even less”. The comic was translated into five languages among which French. In 2010, she started a journalist inquiry on the consequences in Turkey and Syria of the Iraq War.





2612871848_932ae0e1e8_mAline Le Bail Kremer is in charge of the media relations for the trip. She is a journalist, who olds a psychology degree. She was among the founders of the Student Confederation and was a Free Caucasus’ team manager.





raphael-150x150Raphael Marciano is a specialized educator. He is a former national secretary of the Union of French Jewish Students. He collaborates on CoExist, a national program which consists in going to schools to undo racism and anti-Semitism.




Historians – guides


JY-PotelJean-Yves Potel is a French writer and a French scholar. He is professor of Middle Europe political history at Paris VIII University and of European cultural policies at Paris I University and at Science Po Paris. He had for 20 years a position as technical advisor for the Territory Planning Services, and managed the cultural department of the French Embassy in Warsaw. He led a dozen of European programs in order to have the countries which entered the European Union meet the required standards. He was a human rights activist in Czechoslovakia and in Poland during the 80’s, and he struggled against Serbian nationalism in Kosovo. He wrote political essays on contemporary Poland, anti-sovietic dissenters, collective memories and national conflicts. He organizes summer seminaries at the Shoah Memorial designed for high school teachers. He also wrote some poetry.



Marcello Pezzetti

Marcello Pezzetti is an Italian historian and a Shoah expert. He is one of the top Poland extermination camp specialists. He was advisor to Roberto Benigni when he produced « Life is Beautiful ». He guided the Pope and many statesmen through Auschwitz. Former Head of the Hebraic Documentation Center of Milan, he is currently Head of the Holocaust Center of Roma.




Holocaust survivor



1/27/2006 2:03 PM

Benjamin Orenstein

Benjamin Orenstein was born near Lublin in 1926. He was arrested in 1942 and sent to Auschwitz. He is the only one of his seven-member family who survived the camp. He is the President of l’Amicale lyonnaise d’Auschwitz-Birkenau et camps de Haute-Silésie, and he issued in 2006 a testimony entitled “Ces mots pour sepulture”. He took part several times in trips to Poland organized by the Union of French Jewish Students, during one of which he came back for the first time to the village where he was born.



Union of French Jewish Students : National Executive Board (add others)


Jonathan Hayoun

Founder of InProdWeTrust, degree holder of a MA in visual communication from the National Institute of Visual communication, of a MA in political communication from Paris XII University, and of a BA in Jewish Studies, Jonathan Hayoun is currently the President of the Union of French Jewish Students.



Elie Petit

Vice President of the Union of French Jewish Students, Elie Petit studied economy and political science at Paris II Assas University. He is a degree holder of a BA in Jewish Studies. He is also Vice President of the European Union of French Jewish Students.


Yoann Sportouch

Yoann Sportouch is a degree holder of a MA in philosophy and in urbanism from Paris IV University. He works as an urbanist for the National Agency of Urbanism and is the secretary general of the Union of French Jewish Students.

Sacha Reingewirtz is vice-president of UEJF. He holds a double degree in English and French law from Cambridge and Paris- 2 Assas, and is now completing the bar school where he specializes in criminal law. He has also studied public affairs in Sciences Po.

Nicolas Woloszko is the treasurer Of UEJF. He belongs to the École Normale Supérieure from Cachan where he studies sociology and economics. He also attends classes at Paris-IV La Sorbonne University.

Noam Meghira is national secretary of UEJF. He specializes in mareketing and communication, at the ISCOM school, after having previously studied computer technology at Paris-5 University.

Charlotte Saada is national secretary at UEJF. She is specializing in graphic design and communication, and previously studied communication at Paris-3 University.

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